when you walk away
cut me open, take my heart

vanxin © 2019
name vanxin established march 2019 types interactive fiction • visual novel genres romance • action • suspense
bread lording over dukedom of baguette • character artist • whenever alive at least
potato secretly an ancient vampire • script writer • while avoiding sunlight
at one point when the world becomes too bleak, we hide away from it by opening our phone and playing mobages. other times, we chose to challenge ourselves by screaming incoherent noises at the thought of having to work.
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update latest • check our log for news
status • active, working on and the devils cry
progress • in early planning, character concept phase
completed lovers who die /romance, post-apocalypse, short • a post-apocalyptic romance among the dead.
work in progress blackish hearts /romance, action, mystery • a feud among two vigilante brothers requires your assistance to defuse.
and the devils cry /supernatural, supsense, romance • the past always has the worst possible ways to catch up with you.